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En Famille International

Founded in 1978, this organisation gives 9 to 13 year old children the opportunity to live six months in another country.
Surrounded by the affection of a loving family, the children are totally immersed in a new culture and way of life.
It is also a great pleasure to welcome a child of the same age for the six months before or after.
The children spend a entire school year together.
In this way En Famille International contributes to the different stages in each child's human, cultural and linguistic development, without neglecting the discovery of 'alterity', differences and sharing.

The association is supported by a network of about 50 families who have already participated in an exchange and who are now happy to give some of their free time to help.
This allows high quality results on a human, linguistic, and cultural level.

Destinations : Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Spain, United Kingdom, United States

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En Famille International
9, Chemin de Savarias
33240 Salignac
Tel: +33 0557.435.248
Fax: +33 0557.433.955

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